July 10, 2015

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Rep. Tarr and Erin Merryn

NEWS: Erin’s Law and Bree’s Law Signed by Governor Walker

ANCHORAGE – Thursday, Alaska Governor Bill Walker signed the Alaska Safe Children’s Act into law during a ceremony in Anchorage. The Alaska Safe Children’s Act includes Erin’s Law and Bree’s Law. Erin’s Law requires school districts to teach personal body safety information to elementary and secondary school students. Erin’s Law also requires school staff be trained on how to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse. Rep. Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) sponsored Erin’s Law legislation in the last two legislative sessions and was on hand for Thursday night’s bill signing ceremony.

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Alaska state and flag

NEWS: New Report Questions Wisdom of Large Oil and Gas Tax Credits

ANCHORAGE – A new report from the Alaska Department of Revenue shows a substantial negative effect on the finances of the State of Alaska from large oil and gas tax credits. The report concludes that North Slope oil and gas production tax credits may be an inferior investment for Alaska compared to investing in the Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund. 

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