NEWS: Juneau Delegation Applauds Capital City Preparations for Special Session

Rep. Sam Kito III


May 6, 2015

JUNEAU – Juneau legislators announced the capital city has space set aside for use as legislative chambers and committee rooms throughout the special session.  As work begins on the seismic upgrades to the Capitol itself, the city has space dedicated for chambers and committee rooms for the legislature through at least the end of May.

“The City moved mountains and shuffled people’s reservations like crazy, so no matter what’s going on with the building, we’re good to go in Juneau,” said Sen. Egan. “And there’s no charge,” he added.

The governor called the special session in the capital city. Under the Alaska Constitution and SCR 101, the legislature must return by at least May 12.  Rep. Kito said, “Juneau is ready for the legislature to reconvene here.  This is where the governor called the special session, after all.”

“With Capitol renovations underway, I applaud the City of Juneau for stepping up to make space available. I look forward to a positive resolution of the issues identified in the special session,” said Rep. Muñoz.

Members of the Juneau delegation also offered their help to any legislator or staff member who needs help finding hotel space or other lodging.



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