April 10, 2015

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Claman's Alaska Matters

Rep. Claman’s Newsletter: Education Funding and Marijuana Update

We are quickly approaching the final days of session. The Legislature has several issues that we need address: Operating Budget, Capital Budget, Medicaid reform and expansion, and gasline legislation. These final days get very busy, we’ll do our best to keep you updated about legislative happenings. Please check my Facebook and [twitter.com/mattclaman]Twitter pages to stay informed on a daily basis.

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Rep. Wool Newsletter

Rep. Wool’s Newsletter: Budget Update and Bills on the Move

We’re down to the last two weeks of the legislative session, which is scheduled to end on April 19. As we get down to the end of session the pace has picked up and our floor sessions have been getting longer as we debate more bills and resolutions. You can follow online by watching committee meetings at AKL.tv and floor session at GavelAlaska.com.

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Rep. Kawasaki's Juneau Note

Rep. Kawasaki’s Newsletter: A little over a week left in Juneau!

The state’s $3.5-billion budget deficit has headlined most newspapers this session and overshadowed almost every other issue. My office has received hundreds of calls, emails, letters and messages on a variety of topics ranging from dramatic cuts to schools to the silencing of public radio and the elimination some benefits to seniors. I will personally read and listen to each and every communication and work to protect the critical and constitutionally-mandated functions of government.

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