NEWS: Legislation Filed to Declare July Alaska Peony Month

Rep. David Guttenberg

February 23, 2015

Juneau – On Friday, Representative David Guttenberg (D-Fairbanks) filed legislation to celebrate the achievements of the peony industry by declaring the month of July to be Alaska Peony Month.

House Concurrent Resolution 6 recognizes those who have worked tirelessly over the past fourteen years to take advantage of Alaska’s unique peony blooming season and bring a new and profitable agricultural industry to the state.

“With this resolution we are fertilizing the opportunities that are expected to come from this blossoming industry,” said Rep. Guttenberg.

HCR 6 is a reminder of the beneficial public-private partnerships that exist in the state of Alaska where state-funded research fuels interest into new homegrown industries. With a unique blooming season and high production value per acre, Alaska’s peony farmers stand to benefit greatly by selling in a timeframe with little quality supply and great demand.

“The demand for peonies from Alaska continues to increase every year and exceeds our annual production,” said longtime North Pole peony farmer Ron Illingworth. “While production is doubling and tripling each year, demand is quadrupling.  We anticipate no change in this relationship for the foreseeable future.  With demand exceeding supply, we are able to get premium prices.”

HCR 6 has been referred to the House Resources Committee.

For more information contact Connor MacDonald in Rep. Guttenberg’s office at (907) 465-4457.



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