February 13, 2015

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Tarr's Times

Rep. Tarr’s Times: More on Medicaid, Anchorage Caucus, and Senior Survey

What a week! My staff and I were really busy this week with our guest speaker, award winning writer and sexual abuse survivor Alaskan David Holthouse, who was in town to advocate for passage of Erin’s Law. Stay tuned for a special edition of Tarr’s Times where I’ll tell you all about the great response from his visit and the work we’ve been doing to keep our kids safe. This week, I want to expand on last week’s report on Medicaid and include announcements and information on a few upcoming events to share.

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Rep. Josephson's Newsletter

Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: Medicaid Expansion & Upcoming Events

This past week Governor Walker began the process of making good on his campaign promise to accept Medicaid expansion and help provide coverage for vulnerable Alaskans. As many of you know I, along with many other individuals and organizations, have been out-spoken supporters of Medicaid expansion and I could not be more pleased with the actions of our new Governor.

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Rep. Kawasaki's Juneau Note

Rep. Kawasaki’s Newsletter: Fairbanks this weekend!

On Saturday, February 14, the Interior Delegation and I will host a public forum to discuss the progress of the last three weeks in Juneau and what direction we can take the 29th Alaska State Legislature. We will be covering some difficult and interesting topics this session and your input is vital in making sure Fairbanks continues to be a fantastic place to live, work and raise a family. I look forward to reconnecting with neighbors and friends while having a candid conversations about how we can improve our state.

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