OP-ED: Rep. Tuck Political Pipeline Commentary

Rep. Chris Tuck

Published Jan. 20th, 2015 at http://ak-pipeline.com/?p=6349

‘We need leaders who know who they work for’

I am excited to start the 29th Alaska Legislature. But like many Alaskans I am anxious about our future. We face a crisis that threatens our livelihoods and futures.

The Republican leadership promoted unsustainable spending and shifted the benefits of our resources to outside interests. Our situation was made worse with the sudden drop in oil prices. We are all in this together and we need leaders who know who they work for.

In the last election, Democrats demonstrated great leadership by putting people before party and promoting the Unity Ticket.

This is the first time in Alaska’s history that Democrats did not have a candidate for Governor in the General Election.

This was necessary for the future of Alaska. We need this spirit of unity to be embraced by everyone in the legislature. We need to put the people of Alaska first.

We all have the same wants and desires – to provide for our families, to have decent benefits, good schools for our children, safe communities, job security, and opportunity right here in Alaska.

Through open dialogue, dedicated effort, and coming together we can find solutions to the challenges facing this great state. If we don’t we will fail the people of Alaska and that is unacceptable.

Democrats will work with the new Walker-Mallott Administration. We will work with the Republican controlled Majorities in the House and Senate. And we will work with the people of Alaska.

Despite the challenges facing our state there is hope. Hard work, dedication, and the will to succeed is what built and pioneered Alaska. This spirit still lives in the people of Alaska and it is you that gives me hope.


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