NEWS: Rep Geran Tarr Echoes Testimony Opposing the Proposed U-Med Northern Access Road Project

Rep. Geran Tarr

Public Testimony Given During Anchorage Caucus Meeting in Anchorage

January 10, 2015

Anchorage – The controversial U-Med Northern Access Road Project drew opposition during Saturday’s Anchorage Caucus meeting, which featured members of the Alaska Legislature preparing to go to Juneau for the upcoming legislative session.

“Through extensive research we have determined that the Northern Access / Punch Through or Bragaw to Elmore connection does NOT represent responsible development,” said Carolyn Ramsey with the group Citizens for Responsible Development U-Med. “We ask that the funding for this road be repealed as a recovery of non-encumbered funds and be returned to Alaska’s general fund to assist our state in its current financial crisis.”

Currently, there is over $19-million dollars in state funding for the project that has not yet been spent. Rep. Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) echoes the comments of Carolyn Ramsey in calling for the millions of dollars for the U-Med Northern Access Road Project being returned to the state’s general fund.

“The state can find much better uses for this money than to build a road that is not needed or wanted,” said Rep. Tarr. “I will work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to reallocate this money to a more worthy project or as savings.”

Seven Community Councils in Anchorage have passed resolutions against the U-Med Northern Access Road Project and around 40-percent of those who have provided public comments supported the no build option.

The 29th Alaska Legislature convene for the first legislative session on January 20.



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