NEWS: The ‘Education Session’ that Wasn’t

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Distractions from right wing overreach leave schools facing more cuts

April 25, 2014 

JUNEAU – Today, on the ninety-fifth and final day of the 28th Alaska Legislature, House Democratic Leader Chris Tuck released the following statement on behalf of the House Democratic Caucus.

“This was supposed to be the ‘education session,’ but in the end, it certainly wasn’t. The Republican-led majorities spent much more time chasing right wing ideology and ALEC legislation than addressing education. Alaska’s schools were left with far short of what they need to stop teacher cuts,” said Tuck (D-Anchorage).

“We fought and defeated Republican overreach throughout the session, from stopping attempts to silence Alaskans through House Bill 77, to fighting efforts to allow public money to be funneled to private schools. The public was on our side on education too, and we were able to move the governor from calling per-student funding increases the ‘ultimate giveaway’ to putting it in his bill, said Tuck. “Unfortunately, neither the governor nor the majorities in the legislature were willing to make the lasting commitment to our public schools that would have prevented more teachers from being laid off. We must to better by our children to help them compete for the good jobs of tomorrow.

“With Alaska’s savings accounts and oil production both declining after passage of the oil giveaway, we’re leaving a tremendous challenge for future generations. Our children in school today will be the ones to meet those challenges and lead Alaska through them. The least we can do is ensure they get the education they’ll need to do it,” Tuck said.

The Alaska state House of Representatives gaveled out for the year just before three o’clock this afternoon.



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