NEWS: Democrats: Fund Schools in BSA, End Session

Rep. Chris Tuck

Simple $400-125-125 in BSA helps schools, ends pro-longed session

April 21, 2014

JUNEAU – Tonight, after another day of gridlock on education funding, Democratic legislative leaders Senator Hollis French and Representative Chris Tuck offered a simple solution: Increase per-student funding in the base student allocation $400 next year and $125 the following two years, then end the legislative session.

“There’s a simple fix to this stalemate,” said French. (D-Anchorage). “Do what schools, teachers, parents, students, and business leaders agree is what our public schools need—increase the BSA $400 next year and $125 the following two years, then let everyone go home.”
“The public has made it very clear what they expect from this Legislature, and that is to do right by our schools by raising the BSA $400 next year then $125 the two years after that,” said Tuck (D-Anchorage). “We should give schools the resources they can count on now so they don’t have to keep cutting teachers and staff. This was supposed to be the ‘Education Session,’ but it turned out to be a lot of talk about what schools didn’t want and didn’t need, and a lot of weak excuses for not providing schools what they know will work best for our students—teachers and resources in the classroom. It’s past time to do right by our schools then end this legislative session.”



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