NEWS: Tarr Introduces Bill to Extend Buffer between Schools and Alcohol

Rep. Geran Tarr

February 24, 2014

Today, in order to address student and community concerns about alcohol sales nears schools, Representative Geran Tarr introduced legislation to extend the buffer zone between schools and establishments that sell alcohol. 

“Students at Clark Middle School don’t like leaving school and having to maneuver around intoxicated individuals hanging around the nearby liquor store,” said Tarr who decided to introduce the legislation after hearing student and parent complaints at local community council meetings. “I’m proud that the students spoke up and wanted to do something.  This bill is about keeping our students safe.”

Current law prohibits alcohol sales within 200 feet of schools and churches. Tarr’s legislation (HB336) would increase that distance to 400 feet. Establishments licensed before the bill takes effect would be grandfathered in at the 200 feet limit.

“This bill is just one small but helpful step in addressing alcoholism and the problems it causes,” said Tarr. “To address the overall concern, we must recognize alcoholism as a disease, like cancer, that requires treatment for an individual to heal. I stand with Mountain View Community Council and others, including CHARR, calling for more dollars for alcohol treatment.”

The bill was referred to the House Labor and Commerce Committee.



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