NEWS: Rep. Tarr Comments on Wal-Mart Decision to Sell Alaska Seafood

Rep. Geran Tarr


January 24, 2014

JUNEAU – Today, Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) released the following statement in response to the state’s agreement with Wal-Mart to continue selling Alaska seafood.

“We have a long history of sustainable fishery management in Alaska. It’s our way of life, and that’s never going to change,” said Tarr. “I’m pleased Wal-Mart saw the light on this and I thank everyone who worked to show the care and attention we put into maintaining sustainable fisheries in Alaska.”

In her first year in the Alaska state House of Representatives, Tarr sponsored a resolution (HJR5) opposing genetically modified salmon known as “Frankenfish” in Alaska. The resolution passed the Legislature unanimously.



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