April 16, 2013

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Rep. Chris Tuck

Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Historic Gamble to Give Away Alaska’s Oil Wealth

Dear Neighbors,

In a clear betrayal of public trust, last Saturday shortly after 2 a.m., a majority of members in the Alaska House of Representatives made the disastrous decision to give away a massive share of Alaska’s oil wealth to the most powerful and profitable corporations in the world—with no promise or guarantee of increased production or more oil in the pipeline.

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Rep. Les Gara

Note from Rep. Gara: The End (of Session) Is Near. Actually It Was Sunday – Breathe Deep and Read On

Dear Neighbors,

When I come down to Juneau I look forward to making progress, and working across party lines. And, in Juneau, to a lot of rain. And planes that can’t land because of fog. But also usually to a lot of friendly folks. Well, that was like looking forward to a good movie and ending up going into the wrong theater where Gigli was playing. Too obscure a reference? Forgot the box office disaster that threatened to force Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to leave Hollywood to look for real jobs? Look it up on Wikipedia.

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