April 11, 2013

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Rep. Chris Tuck

Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: The Real Story – North Slope Jobs and Investment are Rising Under ACES

The Legislature continues to rush forward with the governor’s massive and ill-conceived giveaway of Alaska’s oil wealth at a frantic pace, hoping to get the bill passed before the 90 day session concludes on April 14. As I have stated before, this bill will give billions of dollars from the state treasury to the wealthiest and most profitable corporations in the world – with no promise or guarantee of increased production or investment in Alaska.

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Rep. Max Gruenberg

NEWS: Legislature Passes Gruenberg Pro-Business Bill

Bill ensures electronic fund transfers can continue without violating federal law

JUNEAU – Today, the Alaska Legislature passed legislation by Representative Max Gruenberg (D-Anchorage) to ensure that Alaska businesses can continue to use electronic bank transfers without violating new federal law.

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Rep. Max Gruenberg

NEWS: Senior Alert Passes Legislature, Protects Seniors

Gruenberg/Ellis legislation creates public notification for missing seniors and vulnerable adults

JUNEAU – Today, the Legislature finalized passage of House Bill 59, a bill creating a public notification system for missing seniors and vulnerable adults. The bill passed the Senate unanimously yesterday with minor changes which the House approved this evening.

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Rep. Les Gara

NEWS: Dept. of Revenue Reveals True Losses to Alaskans from Oil Giveaway

Short-term spikes in oil price could be “double-whammy” to Alaskans

JUNEAU – In a letter released yesterday, the Department of Revenue released the first analysis of the potential losses to the state at high oil prices should the current oil tax giveaway proposal become law. At oil prices of $120 annual losses to the state would be around $1.6 billion and over $3 billion at prices over $150 per barrel. With this great a discrepancy between returns from the current system and the latest proposal, even short-term price increases could result in significant unrealized returns for Alaska.

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