March 14, 2013

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NEWS: Democratic Amendments: Invest in Education Now, Proven Payoff Later

Even with amendments, total budget would still be less than governor’s

JUNEAU – Today on the floor of the Alaska House of Representatives, Democratic legislators offered a series of amendments to the state operating budget to save Alaska money by investing wisely in its human resources today. If each amendment passed, the total budget would still be smaller than that proposed by the governor.

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NEWS: Revealed: Cost of “Ticking Time Bomb” in Latest Oil Giveaway Proposal

Up to 20% of barrels already slated for production would get extra breaks for new oil

JUNEAU – According to the Department of Revenue’s draft fiscal note, one out of five barrels of oil the department already expects to see produced will receive extra tax breaks ostensibly for new oil under the latest Senate Finance Committee version of the governor’s oil tax proposal.

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