Newsletter from Rep. Sharon Cissna

Dear Constituents and Neighbors:


Rep. Sharon Cissna

A celebration was held and an award was given this past June to highlight a District 22 project and its final passage in the State Capital Budget. The award for the Alexander Street drainage Project completion included a presentation as an example of how communities and neighbors can make a difference. This project is located in the eastern side of the Airport Heights Community Council. The project process started formally about three years ago. If you watch the video, linked to this page, you can see that the ‘start’ was when enough neighbors started talking about what was happening in their basements (each had not mentioned the problem to fellow condo association members, thinking that they were the only one with disgusting corrosive pools in their crawl-spaces.)

That started a process that took this group and its members on a long, but successful trail. Many began collaborating with neighbors throughout their area, then Anchorage Assembly members, engineers, the Mayor, and then State Representatives. Ultimately they called or sent letters to the Governor. The funding changed from what was a huge initial request to an amount shared between various funding sources. The video is visual proof, and the final roadwork displays success! Congratulations to our neighbors for a great example of how local projects can change their future!


Legislative Health Caucus:


In its ninth year of the Caucus, Senator Donald Olson and I have co-chaired over 60 forums studying critical health issues. Completing my fourteen years in the Legislature, my office is finalizing reports on our findings since 2004. These reports will be posted on the Health Caucus Website ( within the next eight weeks.


U/Med District’s Report:


This report will be available on the U/MedFest‘s website ( on January 14, 2013. It reviews the early history of this unusual area of Anchorage, and the sudden growth and issues that developed from 1995 to 2012. Call Rep. Cissna’s Anchorage office for hard copies at 269-0190.


Sharon Cissna
your neighbor and outgoing Representative

New Districts’ Representatives are sworn in January 15, 2013.

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