NEWS: Rep. Gruenberg to Attend New Cook Inlet Rescue Boat Christening

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September 11, 2012


Rep. Gruenberg to Attend New Cook Inlet Rescue Boat Christening

Securing funds for new fire department vessel part of commitment to public safety


Today at 3:00 p.m., Representative Max Gruenberg will attend the ceremony to christen the new Anchorage Fire Department rescue boat. Rep. Gruenberg secured $260,000 in the FY 2012 capital budget for the vessel so that the Anchorage Fire Department will have a safer, more effective rescue boat to respond to commercial and recreational emergencies in upper Cook Inlet. In holding with tradition, Rep. Gruenberg’s wife, Kayla Epstein, will christen the boat at the downtown small boat launch near the mouth of Ship Creek at the end of Western Drive.


“With recreational use in Cook Inlet, the busy Port of Anchorage, and heavy air traffic coming in and out of the airport, it’s important that the first responders at the fire department have a safe, reliable and effective vessel to help them respond to any accidents that unfortunately may occur,” said Rep. Gruenberg.


Rep. Gruenberg secured the funding for the Fire Department vessel as part of his focus on public safety. As a former Navy officer, Rep. Gruenberg knows the value of having reliable equipment in marine rescue situations. In addition to its specialized rescue equipment, the new vessel uses an Extreme Duty Reinforced Collar System which resists punctures, leaks and other maintenance problems, and it has a small cabin to protect the operators from the elements. Many public safety organizations, including the US Coast Guard and the Alaska State Troopers, use similar vessels because of their versatility and reliability. 


WHAT:             Christening of AFD’s new rescue boat

WHEN:             3:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WHERE:           Small Boat Launch, downtown Anchorage at the end of                     

                           Western Drive






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