April 16, 2012

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Just an hour away from a clean getaway

The legislature starts a special session Wednesday, the eighth in the six years I’ve been a part of the circus. There’s a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth about this, especially among the freelance commentators, a surprisingly large number of whom can actually spell simple words. Unfortunately, all they have to offer to the discussion is spleen, and we’ve got plenty of that already.

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News from Rep. Pete Petersen: Session Adjourns with Successes

Legislature Adjourns; Glenn/ Muldoon Interchange Repair Approved; Autism and Parents as Teachers Bills Pass

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The legislative session adjourned minutes ago, and the word around the Capitol is that the governor has called a special session starting on Wednesday. Unfortunately it looks like I will not be coming home as soon as I’d like, but I will stay until the job is done. This last week has been very busy, but also productive. Today the Legislature passed two important bills which I have been working on for the last three years, and also voted to start the process to rebuild the Muldoon/ Glenn Highway interchange.

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Guttenberg bill piggybacked on another measure

JUNEAU, Alaska – In an unusual maneuver, the Alaska State Legislature early this morning enacted the essence of Representative David Guttenberg’s (D- Fairbanks) House Bill 326 to substantially increase access to “child-only” health insurance. Existing law prevents parents with pre-existing conditions from acquiring health insurance solely for their children. HB 326 would have remedied that by allowing parents to purchase insurance for their dependent children.

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