March 15, 2012

The Coalition working for you

Note from Rep. Gara: Taking Your Marbles & Going Home? Tsk Tsk. The Budget & Higher Ed Scholarship Debate

This week we are debating the operating budget. It’s roughly 4% higher than last year, and while I work in a GOP-controlled House, I also believe in trying to find common ground when I can. I don’t believe in the worst we see from Washington, D.C., where many members reflexively oppose measures sponsored by members of the opposite party.

If you want knee jerk politics, there are plenty of people nationally you can idolize. Those people – whether on the state level, or in Congress where folks constantly filibuster to prevent votes and debate, and the ability for compromise, get nothing done. And they harm the constituents they take an oath to represent.

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Democrats Offer Savings, Education, and Energy Budget Amendments

Amendments target proven ways to build today’s resources into tomorrow’s opportunity

JUNEAU – Today, House Democrats offered a series of amendments to the state operating budget targeted to saving money, reducing waste, improving schools, and lowering energy costs.

“Our goal all year has been to find ways to build today’s resources into tomorrow’s opportunities,” said House Democratic Leader Beth Kerttula (D-Juneau). “The Permanent Fund, our children’s education and Alaska’s home energy efficiency rebates are all proven ways to do that.”

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Democrats Move to Restore Funding for Voter-Created Gasline Authority

Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority still valuable to developing gas resources

JUNEAU – Today, House Democrats offered an amendment to the budget to re-instate funding for the voter-created authority that works on developing projects to market Alaska’s natural gas.

“The voters created ANGDA, and it still plays a valuable role in finding ways to get gas to Alaskans,” said Representative Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks).

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