Rep. Petersen Introduces Child Protection Legislation; Measure would make it harder for sex-offenders to bait children

Representative Pete Petersen
PRESS RELEASE • January 12, 2012 • Contact: Monica Southworth, Aide •
Phone: 465-4939 • Fax: 465-2418 • Room #422 Capitol Bldg. Juneau, AK 99801 • House District 19
Rep. Petersen Introduces Child Protection Legislation
Measure would make it harder for sex-offenders to bait children
JUNEAU – Today, Representative Pete Petersen (D-Anchorage) announced legislation to protect children from sex offenders who bait children to their residences with toys and play equipment. The legislation would give judges the option to prohibit certain sex offenders from having jungle gyms, trampolines or similar children’s play equipment in their yards as a condition of their parole.
“We need to make sure judges have the tools they need to keep Alaskan children safe,” said Rep. Petersen. “If a person has done this type of thing before, or if the judge has reason to believe a potential repeat-offender might use these toys to lure children into harm, then we need to give our justice system the power to stop them.”
Alaska law already allows judges the discretion to require convicted sex offenders out on parole to refrain from using or creating an Internet site, communicating with children less than 16 years of age, possessing or using a computer, or residing within 500 feet of a school. Rep. Petersen’s legislation would add “residing at a residence where outdoor recreational equipment suitable for use by children under 16 years of age is located on the property” to the list of activities a judge could prohibit the parolee from doing.
Rep. Petersen’s legislation will be assigned a bill number and made public on Friday.


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