Rep. Kerttula discusses Coastal Zone Mgmt during public radio’s Native American Calling

In case you missed it:

This morning, Rep. Beth Kerttula was on Native America Calling on public radio. She discussed Alaska’s need for a strong coastal zone management plan so that Alaskans have a voice in how our coastal resources get developed.   You can listen to the program on Native America Calling’s website:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011– The Alaska Coastline: (listen)

Alaska has more miles of coastline than the rest of the country combined. As sea ice continues to melt, this coastline is becoming more and more prized. Many are pushing private investors and the U.S. government to invest in the region, saying the Alaska coastline has tremendous implications for the U.S. economy, environment and security. But Alaska is the only coastal state without a current coastal zone management plan. Will Alaskans have a say about how their own coastline is developed? Is America ready for the opening of the Arctic? Guests are Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Bruce Botelho, Mayor of Juneau, AK, and Beth Kerttula, Minority Leader/Alaska State House of Representatives.


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