[Gruenberg] Legislature Honors Program for Helping Former Prisoners Rebuild Their Lives


Legislature Honors Program for Helping Former Prisoners Rebuild Their Lives
Rep. Gruenberg to present legislative citation to Chanlyut today

Today, Representative Max Gruenberg (D-Anchorage) will present a legislative citation to Chanlyut and its participants and graduates for their work providing drug addicts and former prison inmates with the skills and self-discipline to rebuild their lives.

“I am proud to recognize the good work Chanlyut is doing for people in Mountain View and Anchorage working to start a new and better chapter in their lives,” said Rep. Gruenberg.

Cook Inlet Tribal Council oversees the operation of Chanlyut, the name of which means “new beginning” in Athabaskan. The Chanlyut program is modeled on the successful Delancey Street program in San Francisco and operates under the belief that people can change themselves through hard work, commitment to change, and taking personal responsibility.

The program helps participants gain skills and experience in several business and work areas. In addition to operating the a diner in Mountain View, Chanlyut also operates a catering company, a landscaping and lawn maintenance service, a moving company, and a building maintenance company. The self-discipline and hands-on training Chanlyut provides helps former prison inmates break the cycles of dependence and violence so they can refocus their lives and become contributing members of society.

In the citation, program Director Bill Tsurnos states that “Chanlyut gives men a chance to stop their downward spiral of self-destruction, put their priorities in order, and learn a new and better way to live life. I did it with the help of Delancey Street and I’d like to help show the men here in Alaska how they can do it also.”

What: Presentation of Legislative Citation to Chanlyut

When: 11:30 a.m. on Friday, September 30

Where: Cook Inlet Tribal Council Board Room
3600 San Jeronimo Drive, Anchorage (MAP)

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