Wednesday Noon: Rep. Gara To Address East Rotary On Oil Tax Debate; Foster Care Volunteer Needs

Wednesday Noon: Rep. Gara To Address East Rotary On Oil Tax Debate; Foster Care Volunteer Needs

(ANCHORAGE) – Rep. Les Gara has been invited by the East Anchorage Rotary Club to address the need for volunteers on a number of foster care initiatives his office is working on; and on the debate over vastly reducing the share Alaskans receive for their oil under the state’s corporate Production Tax. A presentation on oil was added at the request of members who wanted to hear the other side of the tax debate after a presentation recently by lobbying group spokesman Mark Hamilton.

The Big Giveaway

“The last time Alaska had a near 0% Production Tax we had 35% less employment and far less investment on the North Slope, and oil production was still falling 6% a year. So touting lower taxes as the answer is empty, feel good policy that will kill our ability to save, build and maintain roads, and provide needed education and job opportunities,” said Gara.

Under current law, since its inception in 2007, Exxon, ConocoPhillips and British Petroleum have earned over $20 billion in profit on their Alaska operations, and there are reports that this winter may be the busiest exploration season since 1969. “These facts undermine the gloom and doom scenarios those seeking billions in tax breaks want to paint,” said Gara.

“There are smarter ways to enhance production than giving away the $8 billion over five years the Governor proposes,” said Gara, who has filed legislation that allows no tax breaks unless companies invest in Alaska on new exploration, new production, and Alaska infrastructure.

“On a different note, we are seeking mentors for foster youth, late model laptops, and new businesses who want offer discount clothing to foster youth under our FosterWear program.” The last survey showed that roughly 40% of foster youth ended up homeless at some point after leaving foster care, and Gara’s office has been involved, with Amanda Metivier of facing Foster Care in Alaska, in finding ways to involve the community to improve success for these 1,600 youth.

The presentation will be at noon at the Anchorage Hilton.

Change A Life: Foster Care Volunteer Opportunities

Want to mentor a youth leaving foster care, who needs a responsible adult in their lives? Call Amanda Metivier at 375-7726.

Have late model or new laptops you want to donate to a foster youth or recent alumni? Call Rep. Gara’s office at 269-0106.

Want to join Alaska’s FosterWear effort and offer discounts to foster youth on clothing? Call Rep. Gara’s office at 269-0106.

Want to be a foster parent? There’s a dire shortage. Call 1-800-478-7307.

For more information, contact Rep. Gara or aide Rose Foley at (907) 269-0106 or at


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