Rep. Sharon Cissna Statement on Texas TSA Law



Rep. Sharon Cissna Statement on Texas TSA Law
Americans should travel with “security and dignity intact”


In February of this year, Rep. Sharon Cissna (D-Anchorage) made national headlines following an encounter she had with the TSA (Transportation Security Authority) while traveling. An airport full-body X-ray scan revealed scars from breast cancer surgery, prompting the TSA to subject Cissna to an invasive hand search. Cissna refused and began a long journey back to Juneau by automobile, ferry and small aircraft.


She has worked with legislators from many other states since and is a co-chair of the new group of legislators dedicated to solving this issue. The organization’s name is United States for Travel Freedom. Today, the Texas House of Representatives passed legislation sponsored by Representative David Simpson, a member of the Travel Freedom group. This legislation is the first actual bill that would limit the TSA’s ability to conduct intrusive searches without probable cause. The following is a statement from Rep. Cissna on the heels of that landmark vote.


I am so pleased with the progress of this legislation in Texas. Current invasive airline screening affects everyone, in some way that they may not realize until they or a loved-one is invasively felt up at the airport. In Alaska, as we are dependent on commercial airlines to leave the state, it becomes a greater economic and survival issue. That does not diminish the need for security. We need to ensure TSA understands that security is both physical, emotional and medical. These invasive searches are not in the spirit of our Constitution. It’s time to restore freedoms we once took for granted.


Our group believes this important step in Texas is the first of the journey to restore important rights to Americans who simply want to travel with both their security and their dignity intact.


If you have any questions or would like further comment, please contact Rep. Cissna at (907) 269-0190 and visit, which contains a TSA link giving more information about TSA-related legislative issues occurring around the country.


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