May 9, 2011

The Coalition working for you

Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Special Session Continues – Budget Puts $1 Billion into Savings; Energy Projects Scrutinized; Fighting for Neighborhood Needs

The special session is continuing and there is still no agreement over the capital budget, but I am happy to report that we reached an agreement on and passed the operating budget.

$1 Billion for the State Savings Account

The operating budget funds the day to day operations of the state, while the capital budget funds construction projects and other mostly one-time items. I am particularly glad that as part of this budget, we deposited $1 billion dollars straight to the state savings account. While Alaska is in a better financial situation than most states, I strongly believe that we need to be fiscally responsible and put savings away for the future.

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Rep. Kawasaki’s Juneau Note: 27th Legislature Special Session

Lawmakers are in day 22 of the special session and I will remain here in Juneau as a stalemate continues between the Legislature and the Governor. The problem in Juneau continues to be the threat of the Governor’s vetoes in retaliation for the Senate not passing a bill aimed at tax breaks for big oil producers. Though things are moving slowly, negotiations between leadership and the Governor continue and there has been movement.

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