House Democrats Propose Common-Sense Solution to Budget Impasse


House Democrats Propose Common-Sense Solution to Budget Impasse
All parties should stand down and work together in good faith

JUNEAU – Today, Alaska House Democrats announced a simple, common-sense solution to the budget stand-off that has the Legislature locked into a special session.

“We have a way out of this mess. It isn’t all that complicated,” said Representative Beth Kerttula, House Minority Leader. “We say this without blame and in the spirit of being helpful.”

The Democrats’ proposal has three parts. First, the governor needs to renounce his threat to veto capital projects in retaliation for HB 110. Then the Senate needs to remove the contingency language concerning energy projects in the capital budget. Finally, the House, Senate and the governor need to agree on which energy projects should be in the capital budget.

“And that’s it. Sorry it’s that simple, but it is that simple. And if everyone can do their part and stop what I can only characterize as bickering about this, we can be out of here in two or three days,” said Representative Mike Doogan.

“We need to stop having the House blame the Senate or one body blame the other body and move ahead and solve this thing. That’s what the public expects,” said Representative Les Gara.

“What’s clouding the issue right now is the governor’s threat to veto. The most important thing is for the Governor to back off of that statement,” said Representative David Guttenberg. “It’s not about pointing the finger. It’s about understanding what the issues are and getting past them. It’s about sitting down together and getting to where we need to be.”

Watch the entire press availability here.


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