April 18, 2011

The Coalition working for you

Note from Rep. Gara: The Avoidable Special Session: Why the Governor’s Threat Against the Senate on Oil Taxes Didn’t Help Things.

Let me say this for the record. The Legislative session should have ended yesterday. I was willing to get all my work done, but in politics at the end of session the negotiations get taken over by a few of the highest ranking leaders – and roughly 50 of the 60 of us have no say other than the moral prodding we can offer those negotiators. That’s not to say who among the negotiators was at fault. But here’s what I do know, and what most of the media didn’t report.

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I’ve been to two goat ropings and a county fair, but I ain’t seen nothing like this before.

Last night, the first session of the 27th Alaska Legislature came apart like a cheap suit in a hard rain. First the Senate, then the House came crawling to the governor to get them out of a jam that the same governor had helped them into in the first place. It was, bar none, the saddest performance yet by state officials in the 50-plus years of the state’s history. And that includes a governor who was impeached (but not convicted) and three legislators who were indicted AND convicted.

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Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: Historic Action – Legislature Called Into Special Session

As you may have already heard, the Legislature has been adjourned by the Governor and called into special session beginning today.

I am very disappointed that the Legislature was not able to follow the mandate from the voters to finish our business in 90 days. It is the Legislature’s duty to cooperate to advance Alaska’s interests, and I want to see results through cooperation. I am prepared, however, to stay in Juneau as long as it takes to get the job done and make sure the people’s business is finished.

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Rep. Petersen’s Report from the Capitol: Session Adjourns, Special Session Starts On Monday; Computer Privacy Law Passes;

Tonight the Legislature voted to adjourn, despite the disagreements between the House and Senate Finance Committees over the operating and capital budgets. I voted to adjourn, because I believe it is important to honor the 90 session law passed by the voters. But this is not an end to this year’s legislating, and we will be starting a special session on Monday to complete the budget and address other important unfinished business.

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