House Unanimously Passes Student Concussion Bill

House Unanimously Passes Student Concussion Bill

Doogan bill would protect athletes from serious brain injuries


JUNEAU – Today the Alaska House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that would protect student athletes from serious brain injuries resulting from multiple concussions.


HB 15, sponsored by Rep. Mike Doogan (D-Anchorage) will require that a student with a suspected concussion be removed from play or practice and not return until cleared by a qualified medical professional. It will prevent potential serious brain injuries that can be caused by multiple concussions.


“This is a simple bill with one simple goal in mind – to keep kids safe,” Doogan said. “You can’t prevent kids from playing hard and getting a concussion, but you can recognize the symptoms and keep them from doing damage that will last a lifetime.”


The bill is similar to legislation that originally passed in Washington state and has now been passed in several states. It was strongly supported by the National Football League, the Alaska Brain Injury Network, the Alaska Schools Activities Association and many others.


It now moves to the Senate.



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