Frankenfish Opposition Earns Rep. Kawasaki Legislator of the Year Award


Frankenfish Opposition Earns Rep. Kawasaki Legislator of the Year Award
Kawasaki one of five legislators to earn award from Alaska Youth for Environmental Action

JUNEAU – Today, students from around Alaska presented Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) with Alaska Youth for Environmental Action’s Legislator of the Year award for his work opposing genetically-modified salmon, often referred to as “Frankenfish.” Rep. Kawasaki is one of five legislators receiving the award this year.

“Rep. Kawasaki has taken the lead this year in protecting Alaskans and Alaska’s salmon fisheries from the dangers of genetically-modified salmon,” said Megan McBride, Program Manager for Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. “Frankenfish threaten the vitality of our wild salmon and could impact Alaskans across the state. That’s why this is a priority for our students.”

The students presented the awards at an event outside the capitol complete with grilled wild Bristol Bay salmon, just one day after the House Resources Committee passed Rep. Kawasaki’s HJR 8 on to the full House of Representatives for consideration.

“I’m proud to present Rep. Kawasaki with AYEA’s Legislator of the Year award for his efforts in protecting Alaskan wild salmon from genetically-modified fish,” said Katie McCaffrey, 16-year-old constituent of Rep. Kawasaki. “Wild salmon are one of the key things that connect us to our heritage in Alaska. Genetically modified salmon threaten our way of life.

“I am honored these students are giving me the award, and I’m proud they are down here learning the civic process and participating in our democracy,” said Rep. Kawasaki.

AYEA is here for its annual Civics and Conservation Summit where the students have the opportunity to learn about the legislative process firsthand as they advocate for their three legislative priorities. Rep. Kawasaki’s anti-Frankenfish resolution is one of the group’s priorities this year.

For more information about Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, visit  Megan McBride is available at 339-3907.


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