February 25, 2011

The Coalition working for you

Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau Newsletter: Operating Budget Testimony Scheduled

This week, the House has been focused on “closing out” the House Finance Budge Subcommittees. For a refresher on the budget process, check out my December 30 newsletter. Now the work done by the subcommittees will come back to the full Finance Committee. You have the opportunity to testify on the budget on Tuesday, March 1. For more information, see article below.

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Berta’s Briefings from Rep. Gardner: The Big Debate on Oil Taxes

Yesterday a constituent called to ask why my most recent newsletter did not mention the oil and gas tax debate, the single most important issue before the legislature. I told him that I actually think about little else and I know that if we don’t get this one right, we might as well forget about the rest of state government because the Alaska we know and love will just dry up and go away.

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I’ve been closing out the state operating budget all week. If that sounds like I’ve been performing some vital and important function, I haven’t. I’ve been working on a small part of the long and complicated process that produces a budget every year. Without it, there’d be no public schools for your kids, no police to round up miscreants and no guards to keep them inside.

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Committee Passes Bill to Prevent Loss of Alaska’s Fishing Stream Access

The House Fisheries Committee passed a bill last night to protect Alaskans’ access to their favorite fishing spots. Other states have lost public fishing stream access, forcing people to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to fish stretches if prime water.

“The tie that binds more Alaskans than almost any other is that we fish—sometimes really closely together, sometimes in solitude. But we enjoy our fishing in Alaska.”

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