February 22, 2011

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Rep. Sharon Cissna Gives Account of TSA Experience

PRINCE RUPERT, BC (February 21, 2011). The following is Rep. Sharon Cissna’s account of the events of February 20th, 2011 at SEA-TAC International Airport:

“The evening of the 20th of February 2011 started with relief, as I was anxious to get back to the important work of the Alaskan Legislature. Heading into security after time with the line of passengers, I felt upbeat.

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[BILL] HB63: Flame Retardants and Toxic Chemicals

HB 63 will end the use of polybrominated fire retardants (PBDEs) in mattresses, upholstered furniture and the plastic housing of electronics in Alaska. In addition, it will give the Department of Environmental Conservation the authority to prohibit the use of other toxic flame retardants when safer alternatives exist.

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[BILL] HB72: Antitrust Actions and Penalties

The purpose of HB 72 is threefold:
1. Increase the penalties for antitrust violations
2. Allow recovery for parties injured indirectly, as well as directly, by antitrust violations
3. Allow the attorney general to bring an antitrust action for additional equitable and monetary relief.

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[BILL] HB56: Include Arson in Crimes of Conspiracy

House Bill 56 adds first and second degree arson to Alaska’s conspiracy statute, which will provide strong deterrents to committing arson and close a loophole in current law. HB 56 was drafted after it became apparent during a committee hearing last session that arson is not currently included in Alaska’s conspiracy statute.

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[BILL] HB14: Executive Ethics: Legal Fees/Family Travel

House Bill 14 sets forth in statute the substance of the Attorney General’s recently-enacted regulations establishing standards for (1) reimbursement of legal fees and costs for any executive branch employees accused of ethical violations, and (2) payment of travel expenses for the families of only the governor and lieutenant governor.

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