“Say No To Frankenfish” Legislation on the Move


“Say No To Frankenfish” Legislation on the Move

Legislators say Alaska needs to support every effort to stop Frankenfish


Today, the House Fisheries Committee moved a resolution urging the federal government not to approve the sale of genetically modified salmon, often referred to in Alaska as “Frankenfish.” Sponsors of the legislation (HJR 8) were pleased the committee saw it fit to allow the resolution to continue on the path to final passage. Afterward, they reiterated the importance of maintaining the purity of Alaska’s wild fish stocks.


“The Alaskan wild salmon industry is Alaska’s largest private sector employer, and Alaskans cannot afford the risk of genetically modified fish compromising our wild salmon stocks,” said Rep. Bob Miller, co-sponsor of the legislation. “We call it Frankenfish for a reason—it’s scary what it could do to our fisheries and no one knows what it could do to our health.”


“Communities, fisherman, chefs and consumers do not want genetically engineered fish,” said the resolution’s sponsor, Rep. Kawasaki.  “The risks are just too great. Thousands of people have already sent their opposition to the FDA, and I hope the Alaska Legislature will join them.”


The resolution sends a clear message to the Federal Government, the Food and Drug Administration and President Obama that the Alaska State Legislature does not condone the growth, sale or release of genetically engineered salmon in the United States. Alaska’s Congressional Delegation is also working diligently with the Food and Drug Administration and through legislation in congress to stop the approval of genetically engineered salmon.


The resolution has support from members of both parties, including the chairman of the House Fisheries Committee, Rep. Steve Thompson (R-Fairbanks) who has co-sponsored the bill, and House Majority Whip Peggy Wilson (R-Wrangell). The resolution’s next committee of referral is the House Resources Committee. 



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