February 11, 2011

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Rep. Kerttula’s Juneau Newsletter: Oil & Gas Issues

80-90% of Alaska’s budget comes from oil and gas revenues. So, it’s not surprising that much of what the Legislature addresses deals with oil and gas. In this newsletter, I’ll talk a little about some of the oil and gas issues we are and could be facing this session. More detail will follow as session progresses.

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“Say No To Frankenfish” Legislation on the Move

Today, the House Fisheries Committee moved a resolution urging the federal government not to approve the sale of genetically modified salmon, often referred to in Alaska as “Frankenfish.” Sponsors of the legislation ( HJR 8 ) were pleased the committee saw it fit to allow the resolution to continue on the path to final passage. Afterward, they reiterated the importance of maintaining the purity of Alaska’s wild fish stocks.

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