Rep. Bob Miller’s Newsletter: Welcome to Juneau, Interior Delegation Chair, Dist. 7 Request

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Rep. Miller during the swearing in ceremony.

Welcome to Juneau

        The people in District 7 continue an admirable record of election participation with last November’s turnout tallying 2nd highest in the State. As a result, I was chosen to represent District 7 in the State House. I am deeply humbled with this appointment and will serve our State to the best of my abilities.

Interior Delegation Chair

        I was elected Chair of the Interior Delegation. The delegation is composed of the 11 Legislators whose districts geographically make up the Interior of Alaska. I am proud to accept this position and look forward to working with the other members of the delegation as we represent the interests of the Interior.

Alaska Interior Delegation

A Request to the People of District 7

        As we begin the legislative session, I now see how easy it is to get caught up in disruptive political games. I want to establish early on that I intend to steer clear of these unproductive distractions and stay focused on creating opportunities for Fairbanksans and all Alaskans.

        I work for you, the people of District 7, and therefore I am accountable to you. To ensure the integrity of this relationship, I plan on clearly communicating my goals and progress for our District. So, my request is this… keep me in check. When you receive a newsletter, please write back; when I call, feel free to speak your mind; and when you see me in the paper, write a letter to the editor. I wish to build a solid dialogue with District 7, I need your help to do that.

Rep. Bob Miller’s Public Address 1, Getting Started
Rep. Bob Miller’s Public Address 1, Getting Started

Our Chosen Committees

Labor and Commerce

        I wish to focus on our growing economy and an Alaskan workforce. Also, as stated during the campaign, we must take a hard look at the 401k–style retirement system for teachers and State employees.

Health and Social Services

        Many Alaskans are one major medical emergency away from bankruptcy. I was offered a chance to learn about our health care system and I will not back down from that opportunity.

Military and Veteran Affairs

        One third of all Fairbanksans are active, reserve, or retired military. I hope to serve them with the same dedication that they serve our State and Nation.


        The fishing industry is a huge part of Alaska’s economy. Fairbanks is strongly represented on this committee. I am joined by Rep. Scott Kawasaki and Rep. Steve Thompson. My first bill as a representative will also be discussed in this committee shortly.

Hit the Ground Running

HB 99 – “An Act relating to labeling of farmed fish and genetically modified fish."

        HB 99 creates an Alaska Statute that ensures every genetically modified and farmed fish is labeled accordingly. When this bill passes into law there will be a guarantee when you walk into a restaurant or buy fish at the store you will know exactly what you are getting.


Representative Bob Miller
Alaska State Legislature
Fairbanks District 7

January 28, 2011 Vol. 1

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Bob Miller (with his wife Joni) signing his oath of office with Lt Gov Treadwell
Bob Miller (with his wife Joni) signing his oath of office with Lt Gov Treadwell

Representative Miller and staff Troy Bouffard (left) and Jacob Wilson
Representative Miller and staff Troy Bouffard (left) and Jacob Wilson

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