Happy July 4th!


Happy Independence Day! This year, we're celebrating the Fourth while having a great deal of division in the country. I hear the concerns from neighbors who worry about violence, racism, and misogyny here in Alaska and across the country. We can't let that happen. Let’s work together to uplift the community while celebrating the signing of the declaration of independence!  If you're planning on hosting a gathering, here are a few tips to ensure the best time possible while celebrating the Fourth of July and being as welcoming and inclusive as possible. 

1.) While buying supplies and food for your 4th of July party- try buying from local businesses, or businesses owned by indigenous people or communities who face systemic disadvantages in the U.S. 

2.) Consider collecting donations from your guests for a cause that directly affects human rights issues. 

3.) Small talk is always nice, but when you're done talking about the weather, make sure you ask if your guests are registered to vote, and if they aren't, make sure you tell them how so that they can participate in their local government. 

4.) Try to avoid plastic and paper waste- while we focus on taking care of each other, remember that we must also take care of our home. Climate change is real. 

We have so much to celebrate. America is a beautiful country made up of different backgrounds, identities, and creeds. We're stronger together and there's always something we can do to better our communities. Get involved.

I hope I see you on the Delaney Park strip for pancakes! For a full list of events going on, please click the button below. 


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More Info on HB31

Governor Walker Signs HB 31 

Alaska’s sexual assault rates are much higher than the national average, and last Friday, Governor Bill Walker signed my bill, HB 31, into law- to help victims, and to stop serial offenders. 

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House and Senate Oil and Gas Fiscal System Working Group

Tuesday, July 10th, the House and Senate Oil and Gas Fiscal System Working Group will be meeting in the Anchorage LIO for an update from the members of the Oil and Gas Competitiveness Review Board. Speakers include briefings by: Wyche Ford, Ken Alper, Tom Walsh, Vince Beltrami, and Kara Moriarty. 




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Diana Rhoades, Legislative Director
Magdalena Oliveros, Legislative Aide