Rep. Adam Wool E-News Update: 30th AK State Legislature Comes to a Close

As many of you know, this session led to some controversial conversations regarding distilleries and breweries, as well as many other topics in the alcohol industry. Many of these conversations centered around the Title IV bill, Senate Bill 76, which was not passed this session. However, legislation was passed with allows for distilleries to make mixed drinks (this was the same language that was in House Bill 269,) and my bill to grandfather in Alaska’s historic roadhouses (House Bill 301) was also passed. To see a brief explanation of why Senate Bill 76 did not pass, and how these changes happened, please read more at the bottom of this newsletter.

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Rep. Adam Wool Enews Update: Three Big Bills this Week

Dear friends, neighbors, and fellow Fairbanksans,
Finally, the 30th Alaska State Legislature is winding down and wrapping up. While there are still a few more issues to resolve here in Juneau, including the State budget, this has been a long and productive session. I am proud of what has been accomplished, and optimistic about being able to come home soon.

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Adam Wool Enews Update: Coffee Talk this Saturday, April 21

It’s Day 95 of session, and it’s probably no surprise that legislators are still in Juneau. This has been a long, busy, and productive session, with many important pieces of legislation passing that will improve government efficiency and prioritize essential services.

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Adam Wool Enews: Dividends, Distilleries, and Other Capitol News

On Monday, after two weeks of debate, the House voted 21-19 to pass the State’s operating budget. This comes after more than 80 amendments on the House Floor were presented by the House Minority, and after extensive debate on the Permanent Fund payouts last week. Overall, this budget spends $4.46 billion of the State’s Undesignated General Fund (UGF,) and with federal money coming in and the PFD payments to Alaskans, the budget totals $10.1 billion. I support this budget, and I believe it provides for the needs of Alaskans.

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Constituent Meeting this Friday, March 2nd

This Friday, I will be hosting a constituent meeting from 4-6pm at the Legislative Information Office (LIO) In Fairbanks. The LIO is located at 1292 Sadler Way, which is across from Home Depot on the 3rd Floor of the Alaska USA building. It’s where all the Interior Delegation legislators’ offices are located.

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Budget Testimony this Thursday for Fairbanks

We have now reached the 7th week of the 2018 legislative session, which is about halfway through the regular 90-day session. Last week, we finished the budget subcommittee process, and the State’s budget has now been sent back to Finance for review and to take public testimony.

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Rep. Wool’s February 13th Newsletter: Taking Care of Business — Bills, Committees, and More

It’s the fifth week of the 2018 legislative session, and I have been busy working on the State’s budget as well as my own bills. We are getting close to wrapping up finance to wrapping up finance subcommittees, which is an important step in reviewing the budgets of individual State Agencies and making recommendations. I have also been kept busy with appointments with people from our district as well as groups from all around Alaska. Listening to your concerns and helping to answer your questions is a continuing priority.

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Rep. Wool’s November 8th Newsletter: Crime Reform Bill Passes in the House

Rep. Wool Newsletter

Late Monday night around midnight the House passed SB 54, which was designed to fix SB 91, the crime and sentencing reform omnibus bill passed by the Legislature in 2016. I am glad that SB 91 was passed and for the most part it does what it was supposed to do. Although, in some areas we may have gone a bit too far. Overall, I believe that these bills will reduce crime and make Alaska a safer place.

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