Rep. Adam Wool E-News Update: First Special Session Ends- Permanent Fund Working Group Holding Meetings

Summer is underway in Fairbanks, with many bright and sunny days ahead of us! Meanwhile, the Governor’s Special Session has concluded, and Legislators have headed home from Juneau. I am looking forward to being home more often during this beautiful time of year, but there is unfinished business that the Legislature is working on. Right now, I am serving on a working group made up of four House and four Senate members to explore the history of the Permanent Fund and ask critical questions. We have had only a few meetings so far, but I am optimistic that the conversations will contribute to better decision making for the future of the PFD.

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Legislative group starts work on the future of the Permanent Fund

JUNEAU – A group of legislators started work today on exploring the future of the Alaska Permanent Fund in an era of declining state revenues. The effort comes as the legislature and the governor wrestle with the size of this year’s permanent fund dividend and how to pay for future state budgets.

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House of Representatives votes to repeal and replace Senate Bill 91

House Bill 49, which passed 24-to-14, would enact changes that are tough on criminals and give police and prosecutors the tools they need to make Alaska safe. At the same time, the legislation helps victims receive justice and maintains a commitment to enacting policy changes based on objective information, data, and input from police officers, prosecutors, and public defenders.

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