Rep. Tarr’s Newsletter: End of Session

The Legislature adjourned today, five days after the 90-day statutory limit. We went into overtime to try and get it right on education. The omnibus education bill passed and I am extremely disappointed that the final bill will result in cuts for the Anchorage School District.

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Rep. Tarr’s Newsletter: Health and the Environment

House Bill 215, by Rep. Tarr, supports Alaskans’ right to know what’s in their food by requiring labeling on products consisting of or made with genetically modified ingredients. 76% of corn crops and 93% of soybean crops grown in the U.S. have been genetically modified. These crops are main ingredients in the vast majority of processed food products distributed in the United States. As individuals, everyone should have the right to choose whether or not they consume these products. However, in order to make such a decision, they must have the information necessary to make the choice. Labeling ensures that Alaskans maintain the right to know what is in their food.

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Rep. Tarr’s Newsletter: The Education Session

State and Rep Tarr

This week, my colleagues and I in the Alaska House worked late into the night to provide opportunities to our children by offering fixes to House Bill 278, the omnibus education bill, the major legislation of the year pertaining to our public education system.

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