Fall in District 16

SB 208 March as Sobriety Awareness Month is now law! SB 208, sponsored by Senator Berta Gardner, creates an opportunity to celebrate sobriety as a healthy lifestyle. Addiction costs the State of Alaska over $3 billion a year not to mention the toll it takes on families. I was proud to partner with Senator Gardner on this important issue and carry the House companion bill.

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Coming to Alaska in January 2019: Health Care Cost Disclosure

In 2017, after hearing about the way that health care costs were bankrupting families, crowding out profits and wage growth in the private sector, and forcing state budgets upward, I introduced legislation to make the price of the most commonly provided health care services available to the public.

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Alaska Health Care Policy Leaders to Discuss Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

Anchorage – Federal protections for patients with preexisting health conditions have been recently threatened on multiple levels. A rollback of these protections would have serious negative impacts on the Alaska economy and limit access to medical care for more than a quarter of all Alaskans.
On Friday June 22nd, lawmakers, state government officials, medical professionals, and patients will hold a joint press conference to discuss what potential changes would mean for Alaska.
Speakers will be available to answer questions following initial presentations.
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Alaska Lawmakers Oppose Any Federal Policy Separating Children from Parents at the Southern Border

Anchorage – Today, 21 members of the Alaska State Legislature sent a letter to President Donald Trump thanking him for responding to the wishes of the American people by pledging to end the practice of separating children from families that illegally cross the southern border of the United States. The President has confirmed that he will use his executive order authority to stop the practice, which his administration implemented earlier this year. The lead author of the letter is long-time State Representative David Guttenberg (D-Fairbanks) who notes that the policy was an inappropriate and ineffective use of government resources and taxpayer dollars.

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