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CS-HB115 ver. K (School Tax designated to Public Education Fund) Passed House 4/16/17

CS-HB115 – BASIS link

CS-HB115 Frequently Asked Questions

CS-HB115 ver K Summary (What’s taxed and what’s not taxed)

CS-HB115 ver K Sectional

House CS-CSSB26 Passed House 4/12/17

House CS-CSSB26 – BASIS link

House CS-CSSB26 Summary Changes from Senate version to House ver U.

Income Tax Filing Status Charts based on new CS ver K

Alaska School Tax Calculator

History of AK Income & School Taxes

Forecasting AK Economy – King Presentation

Economic Impacts – Townsend Presentation

Income Tax Rankings – Share of Income New CS ver K

State Income Taxes – Federal Tax Starting Point
(What part of Federal Tax is used to calculate State Tax such as Adjusted Gross Income)

How HB 115 will impact Alaskans- ITEP

ITEP-Comparing Impact of Alaska Revenue Options April 2017

HB115 Flow Chart