Rep. Tuck Permanent Fund newsletter

It’s an honor to continue serving you as your Representative in the Alaska Legislature. My priorities are your priorities. That’s why I have been in Juneau since January working to improve public safety, protect the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), and pass a prudent and sustainable budget.

Rep. Adam Wool E-News Update: First Special Session Ends- Permanent Fund Working Group Holding Meetings

Summer is underway in Fairbanks, with many bright and sunny days ahead of us! Meanwhile, the Governor’s Special Session has concluded, and Legislators have headed home from Juneau. I am looking forward to being home more often during this beautiful time of year, but there is unfinished business that the Legislature is working on. Right now, I am serving on a working group made up of four House and four Senate members to explore the history of the Permanent Fund and ask critical questions. We have had only a few meetings so far, but I am optimistic that the conversations will contribute to better decision making for the future of the PFD.