Along with Senator Begich and Senator Wielechowski, I have introduced a package of legislation that would protect net neutrality in Alaska and urge Congress to overturn the unfortunate Federal Communications Commission order reversing net neutrality protections across the United States. Our legislation, HJR 31, HB 277, SJR 12, and SB 160 would ensure the internet remains an free and open place for unrestricted communication and commerce. Net neutrality is especially important in Alaska because of the small number of broadband internet service providers and the challenge of providing internet to rural communities.

If you like, you may add your name to the list of net neutrality supporters in Alaska by signing this letter to the Alaska State Legislature. Your message will be entered as public testimony so that your voice is heard by every Representative and Senator in the Alaska State Legislature. Please contact me office if you have any questions about net neutrality, HB277, or HJR31. Thank you.


Dear Members of the Alaska State Legislature,
I’m writing in support of net neutrality in Alaska. I support HJR 31, HB 277, SJR 12, and SB 160 to enforce net neutrality in Alaska and urge Congress to reverse the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) order eliminating net neutrality protections.

The FCC should not deny U.S. citizens the right to access a free and open internet. Reversing net neutrality is an unfair business practice that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block websites, slow internet traffic, and engage in paid prioritization. Alaskans’ right to free speech, free press, and free association are threatened when large ISPs control what information can be shared over the internet and what websites can be visited.

Alaska Legislators, please support HJR 31, HB 277, SJR 12, and SB 160. Alaska businesses and families should not be denied access to a free and open internet for communication and commerce. Thank you.


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