Mourning and learning half a century after Bobby Kennedy’s death

On Wednesday, June 6th, we recognize one of the most tragic and calamitous events in American history: that 50 years have passed since the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
Many Americans like me are sustained and encouraged by great historical figures, whether living or deceased. Mine are the usual and deserving suspects: Lincoln, Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt, Gandhi, and King.

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Alaskans, it’s time to comment on the Pebble mine

The Pebble Limited Partnership is continuing to advance its controversial mining project near Bristol Bay by forging ahead with its development plan, all while ignoring the voices of most Alaskans.
For more than a decade, Pebble has been trying to sell Bristol Bay on the idea of a major gold and copper mine at the headwaters of the world’s largest sockeye fishery. Each step of the way, scientific evidence has indicated that this risky project would be profoundly detrimental to commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries. Now, Pebble is trying to ride a wave of political and financial momentum to build its proposed mine. This, despite the overwhelming opposition from Bristol Bay residents and Alaskans from across the state. Each Alaskan has the right and responsibility to weigh in on projects that impact our lands and our residents.

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OPINION: The Clock is Ticking on a Stable Economic Future for Alaska

Rep. Andy Josephson

The clock ticks. The June 30th deadline to fund Alaska’s budget marches closer. A state government shutdown looms. Because I know Alaskans depend on state government services, I am working hard to avoid this calamity. I’m advocating—as I have for years—for a comprehensive fiscal plan that protects our economy. I’m aiming to achieve not just one year’s budget, but also a long-lasting comprehensive fiscal plan that protects Alaskans and the thousands of jobs threatened by our lingering recession.

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