NEWS: Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition Disappointed Legislative Council Fails to Withdraw Medicaid Expansion Lawsuit

ANCHORAGE – Earlier today, the Alaska State Legislature’s Republican-controlled Legislative Council failed to withdraw its ill-advised lawsuit against Governor Bill Walker over his decision to accept federal funds to expand eligibility for the Medicaid program in Alaska. The Legislative Council, which only includes one member of the minority in the House and Senate, met behind closed doors in Anchorage to discuss the Council’s lawsuit. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Council took no action. The result of this inaction is that the lawsuit will continue.

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NEWS: Democrats Disappointed GOP Leadership Bypassing Budget Savings

ANCHORAGE – Tuesday, the Chairman of the Alaska Legislative Council officially signed binding legal agreements with two law firms to continue a lawsuit against Alaska Governor Bill Walker over his decision to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid eligibility in Alaska. By signing the larger of the two contracts, the Alaska Legislature must immediately pay $100,000 to a Washington D.C. advocacy law firm.

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Rep. Josephson’s Newsletter: AKLNG & Upcoming Open House

Rep. Josephson's Newsletter

These past two weeks since my last e-blast has seen a lot of activity. More than one would expect during an interim. With a rumor of a special session right around the corner to address AKLNG contracts there are a lot of questions that the legislature wants answers to and yesterday the Joint Senate and House Resources Committee receivedsome answers.

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