Check Out these September Events!

As much as we don’t want to see summer end, it seems fall is just around the corner. That means it’s time for Sand Lake Community Council to start meeting once again!
Community council is a great way to connect with neighbors on issues impacting the quality of life in our area, weigh in on community decisions, and talk with your elected officials (both municipal and state).

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Neighborhood Updates: Roads, Rezones, Summer Fun & More!

Attention neighbors! In case you haven’t already heard, a request to rezone the lot at the corner of Arlene and Dimond (across from Skinny Raven) will soon be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission. The request is to rezone the 6.2 acre lot from a “mixed residential” to a “residential mixed-use” district, allowing compact condos/apartments to be built on top of stores and offices (and at higher density).

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Rep. Grenn’s May 4th Newsletter: Bills, Budgets, and Tastee Freez Turns 60!

So, what’s the update from Juneau? While today marks Day 109 of the legislative session, and despite my hope we would have finished by now, I very much believe the House and Senate are close to adjournment. Both chambers have passed versions of the operating budget, the capital budget is progressing, and a bill funding the education portion of the budget ( HB287 ) was signed into law yesterday .

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Rep. Grenn’s April 3rd Newsletter: Operating Budget Update

Some very exciting news was highlighted in the Anchorage Daily News this week about the recently established Sand Lake Community Patrol. This is a great group of neighbors that have come together to increase safety on our streets, and I can’t wait to join the patrol when I get back home after we get our work done here in Juneau. Congrats to everyone involved on making this happening!

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Rep. Grenn’s January 30th Newsletter: Staying Connected

Keeping you informed about what’s happening in Juneau and the important issues facing our community has always been a top priority for me. But even more important is hearing directly from my neighbors. I’ve received some great feedback so far through this year’s district survey , and hope you can take a moment to fill it out if you haven’t already!

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