Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: PFD Special Session Doubtful

As our daily sunlight dwindles away, so do hopes for a third special session focused on the Permanent Fund and PFDs. Until recently, I thought a compromise was possible that would allow lawmakers to go back to work to find long-term solutions about how to best use the earnings of the $64 billion Alaska Permanent Fund. However, with no easy path forward and an apparent unwillingness by many to reengage on the issue, another special session this year seems very unlikely.

Catching up: My 5 bills that passed this session

This has been a very busy year. Now it’s time to catch up and share more about what we’ve been working on, on your behalf, this year. Over the next few weeks we will catch up on personal legislation, constituent meetings, conferences, speaking engagements, awards, and plans for next year. We sent our end of session newsletter in September, but with limited space in the newsletter I wanted to share a bit more about my five bills that passed this session.