Rep. Tuck’s Community Connection: We Need One More Yes Vote

Today, for the second time, the Alaska House of Representatives failed to fund a new capital appropriations bill that allows Alaska to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. The funding for the bill failed today by a single vote. Senate Bill 2002 also included the much talked about “reverse sweep” language to recapitalize the Power Cost Equalization Endowment Fund (PCE), the Higher Education Fund, the Vaccine Assessment Fund, and other special funds seized by Governor Dunleavy using an arcane provision in state law.

Working Towards Compromise

This week the House Finance Committee heard from thousands of Alaskans from across the state and from all walks of life about the governor's vetoes, the state budget, and the PFD. Many citizens pleaded with the legislature to protect programs and services they care deeply about. Others spoke of the need for further cuts. Various testifiers recommended paying a full PFD or, alternately, reducing the PFD to pay for services. Some said it's time to talk taxes. Regardless of their perspective, it was an impressive showing of diverse Alaskans speaking out about what matters to them, their family, their business, their community, and their state.