Speaker Bryce Edgmon’s News from Juneau: House Continues Lengthy Debate over Operating Budget

For four straight days (and counting) the House has been debating several dozen proposed amendments to the FY19 Operating Budget. By far the greater number of them were brought forward by the House Republican caucus, and a large percentage of them have targeted funding for pro-grams and services that, in my opinion, have already been cut to the bone in recent years.

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Rep. Edgmon’s Feb 23rd Legislative Update: House ADF&G Budget Focuses on Management for More Fishing

Rep. Bryce Edgmon

The budget process during session begins with a host of Finance Subcommittees each taking responsibility for a particular department and Governor Walker’s proposals for their funding. After weeks of combing through the department’s various divisions and their programs and services, the subcommittee can make recommendations of its own, through adoption of amendments to the governor’s funding plan. Once those recommendations are complete, the subcommittee “closes out”—forwarding a summary of its work to the full Finance Committee and then closing down for the year.

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