Rep. Adam Wool’s Update from Juneau: House Budget News

Last Thursday, the House passed its version of the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) operating budget, with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents voting to pass a budget which aims to protect Alaska’s education, public safety, transportation, and health care programs. While I do not feel that the budget is perfect, it is a great improvement on the budget proposed by the governor two months ago.

The House Passed a Budget and Survey Results are in!

On Thursday, April 11th, the House passed a budget for the State of Alaska. We have spent the last month and a half digging into department budgets, asking critical questions, analyzing impacts of potential cuts, and taking amendments at all levels - in the Subcommittees, in the Full House Finance, and on the Floor. The budget now goes to the Senate. Below are some of the highlights of the passed budget (HB39).

House Passes Operating Budget

After many hours of deliberation on the House Floor this week, the House passed its version of the operating budget. It now goes to the Senate for consideration. I am hoping that they maintain full funding of education like the House, and prioritize public safety, and maintain the House’s addition of prosecutors. While some cuts were made, I believe the House budget protects our economy from significant private and public job losses, and provides stability to our communities.