Alaska State House District 33 Legislative Update – July 23, 2019

It has been a very challenging and heart-wrenching last few days in the Legislature. I knew I would be facing a steep learning curve my freshman year, but I didn’t expect this much disappointment. I want to thank everyone who sent me emails and called my office voicing your opinion. I received over 3,000 emails, almost all of which support overriding at least some of the budget vetoes.

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Hannan: Is it time to fight or compromise?

I am so determined to make a difference for my community and my state that I am ready to fight. I don’t mean physically; I mean politically. I want to take to the barricades to oppose what I see as the wholesale destruction of Alaska. I envision myself as a political fighter armed with facts and righteous indignation. That vision of myself may be somewhat rewarding in a romantic idealism sort of way, but…

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