I strongly oppose recently introduced legislation to criminalize women’s reproductive health care. It is repugnant to suggest that women’s basic reproductive health care should be criminalized. Several of my neighbors have already asked me whether this bill will pass and my answer is never, as long as reasonable people continue to constitute the House Majority.

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House passes bill to keep Pioneer Homes affordable

JUNEAU – The Alaska House of Representatives on Friday passed House Bill 96 with broad bipartisan support on a 35-to-4 vote. The legislation would block massive rate increases and keep Pioneer Homes affordable by limiting future cost increases to match inflation.

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House of Representatives votes to repeal and replace Senate Bill 91

House Bill 49, which passed 24-to-14, would enact changes that are tough on criminals and give police and prosecutors the tools they need to make Alaska safe. At the same time, the legislation helps victims receive justice and maintains a commitment to enacting policy changes based on objective information, data, and input from police officers, prosecutors, and public defenders.

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