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Rep. David Guttenberg

Rep. Guttenberg’s Legislative Report: Education and Capital Projects

As of last night, the Legislature will be on fast forward. The Senate appointed their conference committee members on the Operating Budget, which invokes the 24-hour rule. This rule allows bills to move very quickly through the legislature. It’s a way to make sure we get things done, but it’s also an opportunity for bad legislation to move forward without the usual scrutiny.

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Rep. David Guttenberg

Rep. Guttenberg’s Legislative Report: Last Chance to Testify on Oil Taxes

Thank you to everyone that has called, written, or sent an e-mail to my office. It is very important to hear from you. As we rapidly reach the end of session, we often receive lots of communication about budget items, bills, and other issues – sometimes orchestrated by one interest group or another. As I’ve said in the past, I don’t work for corporations. I don’t work for a political party. I work for YOU. I want to hear from constituents, not put-up campaigns. If you’re a District 38 resident, I want to hear from you!

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“The House Majority supports this education based income tax as one part of the solution to grow a stable economy.”

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